A Noteworthy Courtship    While He Was Sleeping   

Stories written by Laura Sanchez based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

A Noteworthy Courtship    (complete)

What if the Netherfield party had not left Hertfordshire immediately following the Netherfield Ball, and what if Mr. Darcy in particular had given himself inducement to remain? Comical entanglements and exploits thicken the familiar plot as various characters break their canon form. Two are repeatedly drawn to the bookshop in Meryton with little explanation, and a gentleman from Kent is not so easily dissuaded as he might otherwise have been. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are as lackadaisical and troublesome as ever, and Mr. Bingley and Miss Jane Bennet are left to their own inclination without the untimely interference of their friends. A new set of characters allow the escapades to continue before finally a resolution can be reached, with much the same happily ever after as Jane Austen intended.

Now available at Amazon!

A Noteworthy Courtship is now available for purchase through Createspace and Amazon.com. My husband has been encouraging me for the past year to have a printed copy made so that I can have my story on our bookshelf. I am making this printed version available to anyone else who would like to own it in book form, but I do plan to keep the original html and pdf versions available on this site as well as the various Jane Austen Fan Fiction boards where readers have been so supportive, and many superior authors have posted stories that allowed me to delve into the world of Jane Austen and inspired me to write.

   click here for a downloadable PDF of A Noteworthy Courtship.


Now complete!   While He Was Sleeping     (alternate/bonus scenes coming soon)

While exploring the countryside near Rosings Park, Elizabeth witnesses an unfortunate accident, the likes of which will complicate her life in more ways that she could have ever imagined. She finds herself changing her opinion of the last man on earth she could ever be prevailed upon to marry while his family presumes she is engaged to another. A Pride and Prejudice twist inspired by While You Were Sleeping.